A downloadable asset pack

This is an extract of my personal library and contains almost 2 GB of self-made

  • Seamless textures
  • Painted textures
  • Game SFX
  • Soundscapes
  • Music

I put this together for the GDC relief Jam.

Due to itch.io's file size limit, I can't provide a direct download here. As far as I understand, it'll be bundled into  the GDC relief bundle though.

The GDC relief bundle this was made for has finished its sales period:


Thank you to everyone who has donated!

This asset pack is past its download-period:

I have removed the download link and will remove the asset pack from my google drive soon to free up the space. I hope that everyone who bought the GDC relief bundle and had interest in this pack has downloaded it by now. If you have purchased the bundle but didn't have the chance to  download the pack yet, feel free to post a comment and I may upload it again.

Big thanks to everyone who has donated to the GDC relief bundle!

IMPORTANT: Read the license text file for usage rules before using the assets.

The assets are free to use in creative projects if credit is given via a link to this or my itch.io account. You may also give credit inside the work using my name, Yannick Pawils.


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Hi Yannick! Thanks for you work! I bought your pack used some SFX in Idiot Sandwich. Awesome creations :)

Hey uucky, thank you for using my sounds and letting me know! I'm glad they've been of use for you and will check out the project :)

Oh my! I didn't even realize this was part of the GDC. I wouldn't mind downloading the assets! I love making art with it!

Hey! Thank you for your interest. This was part of a bundle raising funds for indie studios badly affected by last year's GDC cancellation. As such, it was only available for a limited amount of time to those who kindly donated to help the cause. Hope you understand :)

yes! I donated $10 to the GDC, there were so many things in the pack I didn't realize some of it had an expiration date, because I didn't have time to go through everything in the pack :')

Ah, in that case, if you'd like to use these assets you can send me a proof of purchase to my email. Then I can send you a link. Feel free to get in touch via the contact form on my website

What would proof look like? I just have something in the top left saying "you paid $10 to GDC pretty much a year ago", didn't know if I could just send an image of that as proof!

Sure, a screenshot of your purchase on itch.io is enough, if it contains your name. Just reach out through the contact form and we can discuss all further details.

it didn't


I just wanted to let you know that I sent you an email through your website with a link to the screenshot of my proof of purchase. If you're able to provide me with a download link, I'd really appreciate it!


Hi, I'll take a look!


Where can I share the invoice screenshot so that I can download the asset?

Hello, thank you for your interest. You can send a link to a screenshot of it to the contact form on my website and I will get back to you via email https://yannickpawils.wixsite.com/portfolio/contact

I need to download the pack please. Where do I email you my receipt?

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Hi and thank you for your interest. You can send it to [Email address]

Wow, I didn't know that the download would be removed. Hopefully I can grab a copy still somehow? I bought the relief bundle and would be happy to prove that.

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Hello there. Thank you for your interest. Please send me an image of the purchase confirmation or a similar proof to [Email adress] and I'll send you a download link in return.


Hi! :)